Ethos and Values at North Kesteven School

North Kesteven School Values

· Demonstrate team values of care, respect and courtesy towards others within school and the wider community on the way to and from school.
· Demonstrate respect for the school environment, helping to ensure that, through collective teamwork, it remains clean and litter-free.
· Work as an effective team member with others both in and out of lessons, regardless of who they may be.
· Provide constructive and helpful support for others.
· Arrive at school and lessons punctually.
· Move calmly about the site keeping to the left. Allow students to leave a classroom before entering.
· Wear your school uniform correctly and with pride.
· Be ready to begin lessons with all basic equipment and your outside coat removed, demonstrating a readiness to engage.
· Demonstrate a consistent commitment and readiness to actively engage in all your studies.
· Challenge yourself to work to the best of your ability.
· Ensure that you are allowing others to do the same.
· Actively seek out opportunities to stretch yourself and develop your potential.
· Demonstrate and apply your imagination and creativity throughout your studies.
· Be willing to take educational risks within your studies without fear of failure.
· Develop the confidence to demonstrate imagination and originality within your work.
· Show independence and self-motivation in order to progress your own learning.
· Develop your resilience – if at first you don't succeed, try again.
· Complete all work set beyond the classroom (e.g. homework, coursework) within set deadlines, as instructed by the teacher.
· Take responsibility for your belongings, ensuring valuables and inappropriate items are left at home.
· Eat only at break and lunchtime and use this time to get water. Chewing gum and energy drinks are not allowed.
· Reflect upon your own learning in order to aim for excellence.
· Listen, in silence, when the teacher or fellow students are speaking to the class.
· Demonstrate maturity and self-awareness through your actions and their impact upon others.